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Working in web design means you must have the user in mind at all times and whilst you’ll be focusing on creating engaging and unique work, there are some Web Design & UX Trends that have been forecasted that could help you along the way to increase your bottom line.

This infographic charts a range of things, with trends looking like it will be the year of more full-width images, split-screen layouts and monochromatic colors, among others. So, whilst some trends look like they’re staying, others are being introduced into Web Design & UX Trends to be readily exploited.

In closing, if you aren’t already utilizing these trends on your website—you really should be. Trends attract the trendy, which is the modern consumer and your customer; If you aren’t already utilizing these ideas you should contact and partner with The Creative Ninja to update or refresh your online image to attract customers — to do business with you and not your competition.