Hello. My name is Matthew Young and I am a creative professional of 10+ years specializing in graphic design and web development. I have been properly educated by Ryerson Technical University in my chosen business field, and I continue to educate myself with the latest trends and technology in educational pursuits as well as attending the annual Adobe MAX Creativity Conference to stay on top of my game. Now that you know that I know what I’m talking about… let’s proceed.

My question to you is: Do you value creative design? You should. Creative design is the first point of contact anyone ever has with their personal perceived connection with your business image. Design elements such as your business logo; its font, colours and imagery give the public an impression of not only who you are, but also what kind of culture your business has even based on these few design elements. Good creative design elements will communicate your overall brand effectively, but to reach out and obtain effective creative solutions can be costly.

My market research has shown that most creative studios will not even look at a new client without having a minimum average budget of $2,000-$5,000 because they figure that potential client isn’t worth their time. That doesn’t sound fair, does it?

That brings me to my problem, and I’ve been struggling with this ever since I started down the journey I’m currently on and it just infuriates me when I see small businesses struggling with bad design elements… My problem is that I believe awesome web and graphic design should be available and affordable to everyone; not just the businesses that have a $5,000 budget to begin with (although they are welcome too)! And THAT is the solution to the problem and the idea behind my business, The Creative Ninja. I offer creative design solutions to start-ups, non-profits and small businesses so they have a brand image and communications tools they can be proud of. I work with the available budgets so smaller businesses can have the creative solutions that they want but won’t go broke trying to get them by working with The Creative Ninja!

Every business needs to be broadcasting the appropriate message through creative design to their target markets and to do this you need great creative communications tools to ensure the right message is being sent; contact The Creative Ninja today to get the amazing and affordable graphic and web design you deserve.


Blank screen to brilliant design.

Creative Cloud has the design tools to help The Creative Ninja bring your ideas to life, with apps for everything from image compositing and photo editing to website design, digital painting, 3D, and augmented reality. Create logos, posters, ads, packaging, and more. The Ninjas can paint, draw, and sketch with digital brushes that work just like the real thing. With their connected mobile apps, we can produce amazing work anywhere.

Amazing Communication Tools Development.

We can create incredible communications and marketing tools with the world’s best photography and layout tools. Easily edit, organize, store, and share your full-resolution projects from anywhere with the Lightroom CC photo service. And transform your images into anything you can imagine with Photoshop CC.

The Art of Experience.

Turn your brightest ideas into beautiful experiences with the help of The Ninjas and Adobe's family of web and UX design tools. We can build modern, responsive web pages with or without coding. Design and prototype websites, mobile apps, and the next generation of experiences — from voice-powered devices to wearables.


  • Create, inspire and help others realize their creative ideas every day.
  • Offer what I value as expertise to my customers with as much value as I can.
  • Be able to support my family.
  • Have my family and friends see me succeed and be proud of me.
  • Be uber curious (and learn) about what I want to learn
  • Be honest, good, helpful and fun to everyone.
  • Always have gratitude for where I am and how I got there.
  • Work on my own goals (and yours to get me there).
  • Give far more than I take.
  • Live life the way I want to; happily, by doing what I love.