If you haven’t noticed, the internet is kind of a big deal. In fact everyone is doing it and if you’re not doing it, or not doing it right, you need to be. It’s true, if you don’t use it, you lose it. The internet is the first place everyone looks for information now; if you happen to not be there, or be there incorrectly, who will find you?

Every website has a beginning and I start with my client’s vision. Sometimes the client is not certain of the vision, just of the business needs and this is ok. I walk my clients through a design process of determining what the clients needs are, the overall feel they want their website to have on their visitors and the lasting impression they want to make.

During the design process I research who the target audience is, what kind of technology the target audience will likely use, and research the most likely competitors they will face on the internet.

My clients often suggest a type of design or particular websites that are to their liking which I reference to refine my initial concept. I always advise my clients if a particular website is unprofessional and falls out of acceptable scope to compete with the best in their industry… it’s  my job to ensure your finished project aligns competitively with your competition, but does better!

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Creating your future website involves 4 simple steps:

It’s that simple.

1. Research

I will become familiar with your business culture, challenges & workflow during your initial consultation. From this perspective I will strategically create a structured web solution that custom suits your needs. This process involves working directly with me to hammer out what challenges you want to address and eliminate on your project so that we can develop what content will need to be developed for the website prior to designing the website.

2. Web Design

Your web solution is now moved to the web design stage. Here I will create and develop a mock-up based on your company’s brand and/or the information gathered from our ‘Research & Communication‘ stage. I will focus on your feedback to fine tune your website to perfection. It is IMPORTANT to me that YOU ARE SATISFIED at this stage. For this reason I offer design packages with various amounts of revisions to perfect your mock-up before moving into the development stage. If your desired design package doesn’t have enough revisions within it we can talk about adding more.

3. Development

Here I place the body of the website on the engine. You will now see your website live on a demo server. Copy & content is then added along with any final touches. Your website will go live upon receiving your final sign off. Since all of my websites are built for easy updates, custom training and documents will be provided along with my extended customer support service prior to moving into the final testing stage.

4. Testing

I test every project throughout the course of the project, however, after launch I also require an extra set of eyes – from my own testing team and from your designated user group/audience group to perform goal-based testing. This 30-day final round of testing helps ensure that as few stones as possible are left unturned in order to deliver a project that has been rigorously evaluated from multiple levels to ensure happy clients.

If You Want Some Examples of Our Work

Check out our online portfolio of completed websites and online stores:

The Creative Ninja offers affordable and flexible payment terms for all clients. A REQUIRED deposit of 50% of the project price is required as a down payment before the project will begin. A payment schedule for the remaining balance will be negotiated and agreed upon at milestones through the project lifecycle (usually 1-3 additional payments depending on the project). This payment schedule will be clearly displayed on the final agreement and its acceptance is indicated when the deposit is received by The Creative Ninja.

Final projects will not be released to the client until the balance of the account has been released. Client will receive and own all copyright materials, original design files and materials to be delivered after final payment of account/project is made. Support is available for 30 days following the launch of any website project. The Creative Ninja reserves the right to use materials created for clients for marketing and portfolio reasons only.