FYI, The Creative Ninja has made it a policy not to do spec work and hasn’t ever done a pitch that requires spec work. The previous work and professional experience of The Ninja has been enough for past–clients.


My professional design experience spans over 10 years; therefore I do not need to take on any free work to build my portfolio--but thanks.

End Result

If you are looking for spec work, you will be turned away with a ceremonious “Don’t let the door hit you on your way out!”; I respect my time, my business and myself more than that.

*Video credits to "Zulu Alpha Kilo" & "Topic Simple".

What is "Spec Work"?

"Spec Work" is rampant only in the creative world. For some reason some people think it's ok to get a dozen designers to all design the same thing in a competition style contract where only one designer is rewarded by the client in the end with a paid contract. It's a practice I do not participate in as my time is worth money. Here’s another animated video by Topic Simple that explains what spec work is all about and the reasoning as to why you (or anyone) should say no to it; no matter what industry you work in -- YOUR TIME IS WORTH MONEY!