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(Asked Enough to Edit My Website Anyway)


Our FAQ section is (as yours should be as well) a constantly expanding source of value provided to our audience. It is a place where our potential and existing ever-changing and growing customer questions are not only answered, but anticipated and posted frequently.

The Creative Ninja - Create

So… Like you draw things and build web stuff?

I draw, I paint, I design, I brand, I print, I market, I consult, I create works of art and creative experiences for my clients. You creatively name it, I do it.

How could some page on the interweb actually do me any good?

If you haven’t noticed, the internet is kind of a big deal. In fact everyone is doing it and if you’re not doing it, or not doing it right, you need to be. It’s true, if you don’t use it, you lose it. The internet is the first place everyone looks for information now; if you happen to not be there, or be there incorrectly, who will find you?

And eehrm… How much will this website project thingy-ma-jig cost me?

Time to answer your question with some questions; how many pages will the site have? Will the site have a backend for you to make your own changes? Will the site have an online store with online payment processing? What is the purpose of your site; basic advertising or conversions to sales and promotions? …I’m sure you get the drift that I need to be in touch with you to give you a reasonable idea of cost, but until I get to know you and your project, I simply can’t provide that information up front.

To give you a basic idea though, click through to the project pricing for base rates on any project; keeping in mind of course these are only preliminary rates and an existing project package may not be suitable for your project. To always get the proper pricing and to ensure your needs are met, contact The Ninja with your questions if you don’t already know exactly what you need.

I can update my website all by myself? REALLY???

You sure can. Gone are the days of big design invoices for every little change you need. I can custom build you a website which is simple for you to use and to make changes to. Just so you know, the geeky term for this is a “CMS” which stands for “Content Management System”. It allows you to login and make visual edits yourself.

OK! And what about logos? Can you do me a super-duper crazy rad logo of a dragon breathing flames with glowing green eyes and a big axe tail?

Give me the time to speak with you to get a feel of what you need; I will provide a couple of designs and nail it for you, every time. But this dragon idea… I am pretty sure I could do something a little trendier for you that represents you better than that idea.

If I needed a job done yesterday, do you have access to a time portal to get it done for me?

Unfortunately, my Delorean DMC-12 Time Machine keeps misfiring – I keep telling the boys she needs premium dude! But I’m a dedicated guy and I love what I do for a living and I’m happy to stay back and get your work done after hours. The only thing is, after hours means pizza deliveries, Starbucks coffee and the finest Belgium chocolate* to keep me awake, so I’d need a little bit of extra coin to satisfy my expensive tastes. But if you don’t mind a little increase in the standard rates to push your project forward, let’s dance. *Made by Belgium virgins on the full moon.

Who else have you worked with that I might know?

Have a scroll through my portfolio. It’s why I built it; to show you what it is exactly I do, and who I’ve worked with previously.

When do I pay for my project?


Unless otherwise agreed, the Client’s payment schedule is tied to the project’s milestones as per below:

a.50% un-refundable deposit upon contract acceptance.

b.50% balance due prior to when site launches. This means that once the Client approves the site payment is to made immediately prior to moving it onto the Client’s provided hosting package.



Unless otherwise agreed, the Client’s payment schedule is tied to the project’s milestones as per below:

a.50% un-refundable deposit upon contract acceptance

b.50% balance due at exchange of final work files.



Unless otherwise agreed, the Client’s payment schedule is tied to the project’s milestones as per below:

a.50% un-refundable deposit upon contract acceptance

b.30% at project mid-way point as agreed upon during project schedule

c.20% balance due on project completion

What if I have a late or delayed payment on my account?

The Creative Ninja’s accounts will include fees and disbursements that are applicable by law and our accounts are due and payable upon receipt. If our accounts are not paid within 15 days of their receipt, interest will be charged on the outstanding balance at the monthly rate of 5%, compounded monthly, until they are paid.

What payment methods does The Creative Ninja accept?

The Creative Ninja accepts *Visa, *MasterCard, *American Express, cheque and/or money order to process your payments. If paying by uncertified cheque please allow up to 5 business days for your cheque to clear prior to beginning or continuing on your account. All transactions are performed in CAD (Canadian) currency.

*If paying your account with Visa, MasterCard or American Express please expect to see a small additional fee for transaction processing. This fee is 2.9% of your transaction plus $0.30 (%2.9+$0.30). So if your total transaction is $100.00 your total would look like: $100 + 2.9% ($2.90) + $0.30 = $103.20. If your total order is over $300.00 the transaction fee for credit processing is waived. Rest assured, there are no hidden costs or additional fees to be heard of within my business. The pricing you see is what you get.

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