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I had the amazing opportunity today to speak to a group of entrepreneurs like myself downtown at Metro Hall, Toronto: the topic was Social Media Marketing for Business.

I was asked to speak based on my social media marketing business experience by a City of Toronto Employment and Social Services representative after signing up for another event to showcase my services: Marketplace. This event is also hosted at Metro Hall where 20+ other small business entrepreneurs will be able to establish links within the businesses downtown Toronto.

The event was great; fostered some great discussions and I really feel like I contributed to the small business world by offering my expertise at this event. The organization by the City of Toronto to host my speaking engagement will be one not soon forgotten; and I hope to be invited to speak again soon.

As the presenter I also offered my presentation to the group via my website. Remember, if you’re not using social media marketing¬†as part of your marketing strategy–DO IT NOW. It is one of the best platforms to meet your target market and build relationships with them so they can and will eventually buy from you.

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