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The last time you looked at your brand was probably when you developed your business, right? Or at least quite some time ago; It’s probably time to review it and determine if you need to make any changes or updates to it; including the visual components.

Here at The Creative Ninja; since we are brand developers and builders we are always watching how we communicate our brand and identity to the world. Our brand has always been awesome; or at least we think it has been–but it didn’t seem to communicate exactly what or who we were anymore. It still held up, but it was time to re-evaluate and hone it a bit more due to recent changes and expansions within the business. So during this process we decided to launch our new visual components with some words of wisdom to help you determine if it’s time for you to do the same for your business. So here’s a quick guide to help you decide if it’s time for that refresh.

First of all, a brand refresh does not mean you need to throw it all out and start from scratch. There were reasons why you have made the decisions you have made up until this point and if your brand has stayed true to the foundations of your company, but could use a little retooling, then you are the perfect candidate for a brand refresh. Read on to find out if you can save yourself the giant overhaul of a re-brand and instead, bring your brand up-to-date with some key realignment practices.

Signs that you need a tune-up for your brand

  • Does your brand look outdated?
  • Has your visual look been applied consistently according to your brand guidelines?
  • Major changes to the business structure lately
  • Has the market changed since you launched your brand?
  • The business is about to expand, grow or tap into new markets
  • The messaging is disconnected – no one (internal or external) quite understands what the company does anymore
Have any of the points above been checked off in your mind? If so, you need to ask yourself “why” and whats the reason?

Has the company experienced any of the following:

  • Have any of your core service offerings or products changed?
  • Did your business expand into new service offerings or sub-brands?
  • Has there been an industry upheaval
  • Have you lost relevancy in the market among your competitors?
  • New ownership and/or leadership in your business?

It’s ok to admit there’s a problem, because behind that acknowledgement is the space for improvement. Now it’s time to find a solution and reap the many benefits of tackling this issue head-on.

What are the benefits of a refresh?

  • It’s not as dramatic or expensive as a full re-brand
  • You can keep the existing brand equity
  • You are able to better articulate who you and what you stand for
  • Generate buzz with the updated brand across multiple platforms
  • Potential to capture the interest and business of a new audience your refresh will appeal too
  • Your entire business team will connect with the new realignment
  • You will attract investors and new talent


The key takeaway you should have from a brand refresh should be to retain the essence of your brand while honing your message and imaging. This will ensure your brand is communicating the proper messaging to your target market and audience.

If you determine that you would like some assistance with a review of your brand, or a refresh is required for your business; please contact The Creative Ninja to review your options.

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