And eehrm… How much will this website project thingy-ma-jig cost me?

Time to answer your question with some questions; how many pages will the site have? Will the site have a backend for you to make your own changes? Will the site have an online store with online payment processing? What is the purpose of your site; basic advertising or conversions to sales and promotions? …I’m sure you get the drift that I need to be in touch with you to give you a reasonable idea of cost, but until I get to know you and your project, I simply can’t provide that information up front.

To give you a basic idea though, click through to the project pricing for base rates on any project in my online store; keeping in mind of course these are only preliminary rates and an existing project package may not be suitable for your project. To always get the proper pricing and to ensure your needs are met, contact The Ninja with your questions if you don’t already know exactly what you need.