Absolutely NOT! And here is why:

Watch how people in other industries react when asked for free (spec) work. Coffee shops don’t let you taste an entire coffee unless you pay for it. Can you consult multiple lawyers for legal advice and then pay only one? Do architects hand over their designs and blueprints unless you hire them? Then why should designers and agencies be asked to produce or showcase free speculative work (‘spec work’) as part of the creative bidding process in new business pitches? Watch the video to see how other professionals react to this common issue which should never have appeared in the first place.


FYI, The Creative Ninja has made it a policy not to do spec work and hasn’t ever done a pitch that requires spec work. The portfolio of The Ninja has been enough to land serious contracts in the past–clients looking for spec work will be turned away with a ceremonious “Don’t let the door hit you on your way out!”; I respect my time, my business and myself more than that.


What is “spec work”?

Here’s another nice animated video by Topic Simple that explains what spec work is all about and reasons why you should say no to it; no matter what industry you work in — YOUR TIME IS WORTH MONEY!!


*Video credits to “Zulu Alpha Kilo” & “Topic Simple”.