The Creative Ninja - Communications Design

Communications design involves creating memorable, high-impact and results-oriented visual messages to help you communicate with your clients.

With a keen eye toward market trends, The Creative Ninja has harnessed the power of industy-standard Adobe Creative Cloud software, new technologies and emerging media to craft marketing communications designs and provocative promotion ideas that capture, motivate and inspire your prospective buyers to buy.


What distinguishes The Creative Ninja from other design firms is the expertise and flexibility in strategic communications planning. The Ninja takes a top-down business approach to solving your communications design challenges by incorporating your identity and brand, targeted marketing messaging and new design elements to lead to developing fresh, innovative solutions that hit the mark. And, it’s The Ninja’s focused development plan and attitude towards communication design projects that produce high-quality concepts and campaigns that get results.


The communications design industry faces new challenges every day and employ a comprehensive range of services to solve them in numerous ways; The Ninja’s approach to company and product positioning, messaging and theme development ensures you’ll get the most effective corporate identity, website, direct mail pieces, print ads, brochures and more to effectively communicate with your target markets.


Contact The Creative Ninja today to discover how to effectively visually communicate with your target market and reach them with customized design solutions! If you have needs outside of the packages listed below; The Ninja can work with you to design a custom solution. Just get in touch!


The Creative Ninja offers affordable and flexible payment terms for all clients. A REQUIRED deposit of 50% of the project price is required as a down payment before the project will begin. A payment schedule for the remaining balance will be negotiated and agreed upon at milestones through the project lifecycle (usually 1-3 additional payments depending on the project). This payment schedule will be clearly displayed on the final agreement and its acceptance is indicated when the deposit is received by The Creative Ninja. Final projects will not be released to the client until the balance of the account has been released. Client will receive and own all copyright materials, original design files and materials to be delivered after final payment of account/project is made. The Creative Ninja reserves the right to use materials created for clients for marketing and portfolio reasons only.