Social Media Marketing Tips

10 Social Media Marketing Tips

As a small business owner, social media marketing can feel overwhelming. Twitter streams move so fast, in a blink your message can get lost. Becoming an ‘Instastar’ (a person whose Instagram becomes an overnight sensation with 100,000 + followers) is nearly impossible unless you have hours to spend honing the perfect photo and your audience[…]

Logo Colour Wheel

How Logo Colour Sends Messaging About Your Brand

If you are building a company that depends on making people feel sexy and sophisticated, it’s probably going to confuse your consumers if your logo colour is bright green. That’s because different colors are associated with different feelings. Green conveys organic growth, the earth, nature, or feelings of caring. Meanwhile, black communicates feelings of sophistication,[…]

Content Calendar

You Need A Social Media Calendar–Really!

Your business started small—and so did your social media strategy. But when you’re a growing company, your approach to connecting with users and telling your story online needs to grow, too: Embrace the content calendar. Our social media strategy used to consist of a large calendar and sticky notes. They had some great times together! Whenever we needed[…]