20 Well Designed Logos

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Well designed logos can be tricky.

On one hand, you want something which is instantly recognisable and engaging with the audience. But on the other hand, having a boring, straightforward logo can get tiresome. Well designed logos will communicate more about a business than just being a mark to represent you.

People can quickly figure out the gist of a basic logo, and they get bored of it. You need something which is going to encourage people to take another look at the logo – something deeper than just the surface meaning. This could be taking advantage of negative space, or simply playing with text to create images.

A hidden message in a logo is the best way to do that. Here are 20 great examples.



Unilever Logo

Unilever is an enormous company, with several subdivisions focusing on various elements of their business. Their logo redesign tried to take this into consideration, incorporating symbolic doodles of everything they do into their large “U” branding. It’s smart, and has won plaudits.


Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian Church Logo

Okay, so you see the cross here. But do you see the rest? There’s a bible on a pulpit; a clerical robe; fish on either side; a dove; and flames. This works on lots of levels.


Yoga Australia

Yoga Australia Logo

So far, so boring. But the negative space in the yoga woman’s leg is the map of Australia.


Northwest AirlinesNorthwest Airlines

This logo should never have been scrapped. You can see all the different components.



Carre Four Logo

Those who don’t know their French ought to be told that “carrefour” means crossroads. You get the arrows, plus the “C” in the negative space.


Piano Forest

Piano Forest

Trees, right? Well the monochromatic logo also shows a hint of a piano keyboard.


The Guild of Food Writers

The Guild of Food Writers Logo

You think you’ve got this one licked, right? A pen – that’s the writing bit. But look inside the nib of the pen. There’s a spoon.


Museum of London

Museum of London Logo

London’s an ever-growing city, as demonstrated by the ever increasing blotches in the background of this. It works on many levels.



Schizophrenic Logo

Schizophrenia is a bipolar personality disorder. This logo represents both the happy and sad times.


Big 10 Conference

Big Ten Conference Logo

The Big 10 conference has 11 members. Problem? No. Check out the negative space.



Toblerone Logo

Delicious European candy. What’s the deal with the logo, though? There’s the mountain, which represents where the chocolate was originally made. Then spot the bear inside it – which were plentiful in the area!


Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers Logo

It’s a simple logo, right? The baseball mit – that’s it. Well, that’s wrong. You can spy the “M” and “B” in the mit, if you look a little closer.


Elle Hive Tractors

Elle Hive Tractors Logo

Again, playing with letters, this logo shows the “E” and the “H”, but also demonstrates a lo-fi tractor.


Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems Logo

This is one of the most famous examples of the genre. You can read “Sun” whichever way you look at it.



FedEx Logo

But if you thought Sun’s was famous, FedEx is the example everyone cites when talking about hidden message logos. The arrow represents the speed and directness of their deliveries.



Amazon Logo

Amazon stock everything, from A to Z, and do it with a smile. Thus the hidden messages in their logo.


AG Low Construction

AG Low Construction Logo

Construction companies rely on floor plans. But look a little closer. That spindly outline spells out the name of the company.


Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins Log

Baskin Robbins pride themselves on their 31 flavors of ice cream, which is what you can see in the pink text.


Formula 1

Formula 1 Logo

Formula 1 is speedy motor racing, which hasn’t caught on in the US that much. But their logo is universally recognised, and for good reason. The red flares demonstrate the speed – but take a look in the negative space. There’s the “1″ to go alongside the “F”.


Egg & Spoon

Egg & Spoon Logo

I’ll admit this took me a lot of work to understand. You see, I thought this was a boring, basic logo at first. It’s just a lower case E, isn’t it? But then you look closer – and the white space (again) looks like an egg in a spoon.


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