A quick look at the main categories of services I offer.

Every business needs an identity and brand that uniquely defines and represents its business style and unique professional messaging. Everything your business name touches is projecting your identity and message. Contact The Creative Ninja to ensure you’re projecting the right image in your Identity Management, Branding Management, Logo and Company Image today.
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Marketing is the process used to determine the strategy developed to use in sales and communications to target products to customers. Marketing is also an integrated process companies use to build their value and strong customer relationships. Contact The Creative Ninja to build your Marketing Strategy and Marketing Campaign to build or strengthen your relationships with your current and potential clients today.
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Communications design is used to convey a specific message (or messages) to a targeted audience. Employing the use of mediums like graphic design, video and web, we can create interactive website experiences, advertising campaigns and vivid multimedia. Contact The Creative Ninja to get your message across today in Responsive Website Design, Advertising, Graphic Design or Multimedia Design today.
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If you haven’t noticed, the internet is kind of a big deal. In fact everyone is doing it and if you’re not doing it, or not doing it right, you need to be. It’s true, if you don’t use it, you lose it. The internet is the first place everyone looks for information now; if you happen to not be there, or be there incorrectly, who will find you? Contact The Creative Ninja to ensure you’re seen on every screen correctly.
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About The Ninja

Learn about the reason why I do business as a creative.
My name is Matt (The Creative Ninja) and I have a problem...

I believe awesome web and graphic design should be available to everyone; but they're not! This is the idea behind The Creative Ninja: to offer affordable communications design and projects to start-ups, non-profits and businesses so they have a brand image and communications tools they can be proud of!

I call myself The Creative Ninja because that's exactly what I am. Within my industry a "Ninja" is classified as being a trained expert in their field. So being a Creative, I thought it a really cool term to adopt for my unique brand; so that's where "The Creative Ninja" was born. Being a trained Creative Ninja, I am a stealthy weapons trained assassin with a repertoire of tools (weapons) to get your job done quickly and accurately.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

    Responsive Web Design, Graphic Design, Wordpress, Design Layout for Print/Display/Web. (Learn more)

  • Marketing Strategy

    Research, Customer Acquisition, Customer Nurturing, Identifying Ideal Clients, Targeting & Planning.

  • E-commerce Store Design

    Shopify, WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, WaveApps, Online Payments Processing & Billing.

  • Consulting

    Design, Web/Print/Display, Identity & Branding, Marketing, Logos, Forms ...and much more.

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